Treatment of decreased sexual desire

If the problem is due to estrogen deficiency, then your doctor can simply order estrogen replacement therapy which includes either oral medication or topical vaginal creams or suppositories that can restore the vaginal lining to a normal state.

If the problem of decreased libido is a side effect of medication, your doctor can reduce the dosage of your existing medication or change to another class of medication that is not associated with diminishing sexual desire.

Wellbutrin has been reported to improve symptoms of low sexual desire in women.  The reports are that nearly a third of the women will experience a doubling of their interest in sexual activity after using Wellbutrin.  Although Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant, the drug was shown to be effective in women without depression and only complaining of decreased sexual desire.

Psychotherapy has also been shown to be helpful in managing low sexual desire.  For women who are in a stable relationship, the therapist explores problems with communication between the partners or provide advice and education to enhance sexual stimulation by the woman’s partner.

On the horizon is a new drug that may just be the female equivalent of Viagra.  The drug is specially used for treating decreased sexual desire.  If you are interested in participating in research study involving this new medication, call 504 891-8454 to see if you qualify to participate in the study.

When to call the doctor?

If you are not satisfied with your current level of sexual desire and intimacy and you find that the remedies suggested in the tabloids and other self-help publications are not effective, you should consider consulting with your doctor so that they might identify physical and\or psychological causes that are treatable.

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